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2023 ILATSA Annual Conference  March 16 – 17, 2023. 

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STATIC/STABLE Training with Dawn Pflugradt

March 15, 16 & 17 

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Elgin Community College, Elgin, IL


ILATSA has been accepted as a presumptive provider for all Illinois Probation and Court Services. 

This means that ILATSA is now an approved training provider, and all trainings are counted as professional development.  

Subject: Updated Presumptive Provider List

Dear Illinois Probation and Court Services Leaders, 


The Committee on Probation Education is happy to announce a few new presumptive providers.  The current list in its entirety follows this email.  We are happy to have these entities on our list as professional development options to probation and court services staff throughout Illinois.   


If you or someone from your department attend professional development through a presumptive provider, documentation of such needs to be emailed to Mel Dyson and Danielle Young.  Mel and Danielle will make sure the training is documented and tracked appropriately in Relias. 


As the Judicial College becomes operational within the field of probation and court services, please note during the 2022 year there will be a great deal of leniency from the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts.  With that said, please continue to engage your staff in high-quality professional development opportunities as you always have. As you probably noticed in the Annual Plan, counties will no longer be required to provide training logs to AOIC, as documentation of professional development should from here on out be tracked through Relias. 


Danielle Young sent out correspondence on how to add external professional development (not provided by presumptive providers) into Relias to be tracked.  This is a way COPE can see what types of other professional development is being obtained around the state and will help guide the curriculum provided through COPE.  


Additionally, the Committee on Probation Education is currently working on a strategic review of the By Laws and Comprehensive Education Plan; together these will guide the work of COPE and provide a framework for all professional development.  Once completed and updated, both will be shared with all of you.  The Judicial College was formed to provide quality, consistent professional development across all disciplines within the judicial branch, including all probation and court services staff throughout Illinois.  Professional development should not be dictated by the amount of money available in probation services fees or by the availability of a trainer within the department; though historically, both of these were often reasons some would receive quality training and others would not.   


Therefore, we continue to ask for your patience as we work toward the goals set forth by the Illinois Judicial College Board of Trustees and the Illinois Supreme Court.  It is our intention that everyone be positively impacted by the implementation of the Illinois Judicial College.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me any time. 


Presumptive Providers as of 3.14.2022 

Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts   

American Probation and Parole Association    

Association for Treatment of Sex Abusers   

Coalition for Juvenile Justice  

Community Corrections Institute    

Illinois Association of Problem-Solving Courts 

Illinois Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority   

Illinois Probation and Court Services Association

Illinois State Police LEADS Trainings  

Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative   

National Association of Drug Court Professionals

National Association of Pretrial Service Agencies   

National Center for State Courts  

National Institute of Corrections    

National Juvenile Detention Association  

National Partnership for Juvenile Services   

Pretrial Justice Institute    

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, GAINS (Gather, Assess, Integrate, Network, and Stimulate) Center  


You are welcome to share this correspondence.




Corinne Briscoe, Chair of COPE


Director of Probation & Court Services

Macoupin/Greene/Scott Probation District

215 S. East Street

Carlinville, IL  62626

217-473-9002 (cell)

217-854-4411 ext. 3062 (office)

217-854-3922 (fax)


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