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State of Illinois – Department of Corrections


Position Overview

The principle need for this contract is to fulfill the obligation of the State of IL to conduct sex offense specific psychodynamic risk assessments for civilly committed individuals on conditional release in the community.  These evaluations will be submitted to the committing county in order to aid in the decision to discharge a sexually dangerous person from supervision by the IDOC.An employee signing a Personal Services Contract is not covered by the provisions of the Personnel Code. 20 ILCS 415 et seq.  This employee agrees to be bound by and comply with the policies and procedures of the Agency. They are not entitled to any employment benefits such as paid sick, vacation, holiday or personal leaves; retirement contributions; health and life insurance; or access to Personnel Code or Civil Service grievance procedures.  They are covered by Worker’s Compensation and Unemployment Insurance. 

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   1. Contractor shall conduct periodic examinations, as required by the Act within timeframes established by court order or as otherwise required by the Department or within the time period established in 725 ILC 207/55 “Periodic reexamination; report” and will consist of, but not be limited to: an in-depth psychiatric or psychological examination, including a mental status exam; a full range of standardized psychological tests, where appropriate; a complete medical/social/sexual/legal history, including detailed review of paraphilic behaviors, nonparaphilic sexual behaviors and any available information about victim trauma; a subjective sexual preference rating; an assessment of alleged versus self-reported sexual behaviors.

2. When determined necessary by the evaluator, or pursuant to court order, an objective sexual assessment will be conducted, including the Penile Plethysmography and/or The Abel Screen. Objective sexual assessment for residents of the TDF shall be conducted on-site utilizing the TDF available equipment. Contractor must provide or facilitate access to objective sexual assessments of committed individuals who have been conditionally released to the community and shall be performed within the most appropriate community setting approved by the Department.

3. Contractor shall include a review of all previous records, including arrest records, court documents, and psychiatric and medical records with documentation of known allergies, required special diets, and current and past medications for each evaluation. All documentation and records reviewed by Contractor shall be considered the property of the Department and maintained in accordance with State and Department rules, regulation, and policy.

4. Contractor shall complete a written report of the comprehensive evaluation of each individual to the Department within required time frames. 

5. Contractor shall prepare pre-disposition reports, when required. The pre-disposition report shall include a recommendation for either institutional care in a Department operated Treatment and Detention Facility or conditional release to the community.

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