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Safer Society Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit umbrella organization consisting of the Safer Society Press and the recently formed Fay Honey Knopp Institute. The mission of the Safer Society Press is to help build a society safe from sexual abuse and personal violence. The mission of the Fay Honey Knopp Institute is to minimize the harmful impact of parental incarceration on American children and families.

Safer Society Foundation also has a bookstore where curriculum and material specifically for the treatment of individuals that sexually offend is available.

Publications and information regarding treatment, policy, practice, and guidelines of the treatment of individuals who have sexually offended (click below):
ATSA has developed practice guidelines for the treatment of adults and adolescents.  Additionally, there are multiple resources on research and policy.  This is the international organization for treatment providers that work with individuals who have sexually offended.
Research regarding the treatment of sexual abusers and other special topics:

Adolescent Offenders                         Female Sex Offenders

Internet Based Offending                  Pedophilic Offenders

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Treatment Effectiveness                    Treatment-Developmental Disabilities